Computers, papers, coffee and computers

Today was my first day.

I did lots. I didn’t do much. The time disappeared and suddenly it was 7pm.

Over the day I managed to:

  • read a paper and a half
  • log in to my linux desktop using a new MSSL account
  • connect my laptop to the wireless VPN and wired ethernet at my desk
  • figure out the number for the phone on my desk (this took a disproportionate amount of time & the office staff are wonderful)
  • get both my desktop and laptop to successfully print
  • download spectral data from the most recent set of observations I’ll be working on
  • get SPEX (x-ray spectrum analysis software) to work on my laptop
  • use SPEX to open and manipulate a spectrum to look ‘normal’ in a graph
  • go to the building-wide coffee break
  • accidentally go to a separate cake based break and not eat any (wasn’t sure I was allowed to)
  • reset my UCL email password
  • delete over 2000 emails from two years of not using my UCL account
  • unsubscribe from lots of junk mail I signed up to as a fresher
  • print papers I can read while I’m out the office some of this week doing general UCL registration/introduction things (far more than I will read!)
  • meet and chat to some lovely and incredibly helpful people

I enjoyed my day. I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Long may this continue.

Tomorrow I will continue reading papers.

From (no. 286). Copyright: Jorge Cham

From (no. 286). Copyright: Jorge Cham

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3 thoughts on “Computers, papers, coffee and computers

  1. Ki Shah says:

    I’ve just picked up all my old PhD folders from my folks’ place, as I’m hoping to complete a half finished paper I never submitted, and that cartoon seems about right to me! Hope you’ve got some good highlighter pens 🙂

  2. SaturnSheila says:

    Did you stumble into the planetary cake club? 🙂

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