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Six Months Left

I have tended to ignore this blog while in the middle of tasks, or feeling stuck. I only really turn to it when I feel a milestone has arrived, whether in terms of time passed or task achieved. As the title of this tells you, this time is no different…

In 6 months I reach the end of my PhD funding, and so in my mind I reach the end of my PhD.

The natural question for others to ask me seems to be “what will you do afterwards?”, and I will write a blogpost in answer to that at some point, but for now I’ll leave that topic at: “it’s sorted, but it feels so far away right now I can’t concentrate on that yet”. 

I have almost reached the end of my second science chapter, out of three. And by almost, I mean that I consider it basically done, but I’ll email it to two people early next week and I’m confident they will have constructive suggestions to make it better. How much more work I will need to do as a result of those suggestions is something I will find out, but for now I can move on and start approaching my final science chapter.

The first project took me 21 months. The second (until now) has taken 9 months. And so 6 months left to start and finish and 3rd project feels alternately doable and scary. Plus to finish writing an introduction, of which maybe 60-70% is written at the moment, and a conclusion too… I’ll stop thinking about that now 🙂

Ignoring that is actually what’s worked for me so far this year (2016). I have a general sense that I need to work quickly, efficiently and with as little procrastination as possible, but I haven’t caught myself worrying about the big picture so much. Focussing on what I can do right now, the progress I can make right now and then allowing myself time off to recharge without guilt seems to be an effective method.

I suppose I’ll find out in 6 months if this plan has worked 😉

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